Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Statistics in basketball

Statistics help is needed to boost team performance. The coach also needs the statistic tutor to done the statistic that helps the team as well. Some of statistic problem will occur when the data invalid. When the player ask about statistics question, coach or assistant must answer it with statistic answers too and free statistics help must be available too to make coach easy to understand.
Some statistics are
• GP, GS: games played, games started
• PTS: points
• FGM, FGA, FG%: field goals made, attempted and percentage
• FTM, FTA, FT%: free throws made, attempted and percentage
• 3FGM, 3FGA, 3FG%: three-point field goals made, attempted and percentage
• REB, OREB, DREB: rebounds, offensive rebounds, defensive rebounds
• AST: assists
• STL: steals
• BLK: blocks
• TO: turnovers
• PF: personal fouls
• MIN: minutes
• AST/TO: assist to turnover ratio

To assist chasing after the action at law admitting berth during crippled, basketball statistics software solutions have been arose.
Averages out per crippled are announced aside PG (PPG, RPG, APG, SPG etc). Sometime the players statistics are divided by minutes played and multiplied by 48 minutes (had he played the entire game), denoted by per 48 min.
A role player who brings in double figures in a game inward whatever two of the PTS, REB, AST, STL, and BLK statistics is said to make a double; in three statistics, a triple double; in four statistics, a quadruple double. A quadruple double is extremely rare. There is also a 5x5, when a player records at least a 5 in each of the 5 statistics.

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