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76. Because he trained so hard and so long, my brother is a... winner in the motorcycle race,
a. Coherence
b. Potential
c. Circumstance
d. Accidental
e. Subordination
77. Arrange these sentences into a good paragraph!
1. They are happy now
2. He has exchanged the vegetables for the fruit
3. One person has vegetables, but wants for the fruit
4. So the man gives some of his vegetables to the second and fruit to the first
5. Trade has made them happy
6. Another man has a great deal of fruit, but wants vegetables
The right arrangement is....
a. 1-5-3-2-6-4
b. 3-6-2-5-1-4
c. 5-2-3-6-4-1
d. 3-6-4-2-1-5
e. 4-3-6-2-1-5
78. A: Did you hear what she just said?
B: No, I did not. I... about something else.
a. Am thinking
b. Was thinking
c. Have thought
d. Have been thinking
e. Had been thinking
79. A: Is Bob here?
B: No, he is not. I wish he... here nowto help me solve this problem.
a. Would be
b. Had been
c. Will be
d. Were
e. Is
80. If her mother had not been ill, Jessica would have joined the study tour to Melbourne. It can
be concluded that Jessica....
a. Went to Melbourne after her mother had recovered
b. Refused to join the study tour to Melbourne
c. Left her sick mother alone at home
d. Has just come back from the study tour
e. Went to Melbourne for a study tour
81. The important research... two professors and fifty students who spread in twenty provinces of
a. To be involved
b. To involve
c. It involves
d. Involving
e. Involved
82. Tamara has lost both her parents in the car accident. She... a hard time now.
a. Must be having
b. May have had
c. Ought to have
d. Used to have
e. Are to have
83. Some people are trying to preserve our environment for the next generations by purifying the
air and....
a. Replant forests
b. Replanting forests
c. They replant forests
d. Forest are replanted
e. Have forests replanted
84. The college students are discussing to their lectures seriously, they want... the test postponed
until next week.
a. Having
b. In having
c. I have
d. To have
e. They have
Text for questions 85 to 86.
Many factors... (85) the economy of a country. Some of them are its natural resources,
population, ... (86) and political system. A country's population is its own local market. Besides
the population is the source of labour. It is important especially for labours doing intensive
activities. The land area will show the expert that agricultural activities can be carried out.
85. The missing word is....
a. Solve
b. Make
c. Determine
d. Influence
e. Inherit
86. The missing word is....
a. Geography
b. Biology
c. Citizen
d. landmark
e. Inhabitants
Text for questions 87.
Geography has its origins in the Greeks' attempts to describe the surface of the earth on
which they lived. Eratosthenes realized that the earth was round in the 3rd century BC and 500
years later Ptolemy produced a map of the earth which was used for centuries.
Modern geography is concerned with those aspects of earth's surface which could be
described as the habitat occupied by the human species. It has many branches some of border
other sciences very closely. As its name suggests, regional geography examines, on a regional
basis, the ways in which the local people interact with the environment of the area in which they
live. In its widest sense, systematic geography may include climatology (the study of weather
and the climate), cartography (the study of maps and map projections), oceanography (the study
of the seas and oceans), and even human geography and biogeography which deal with the distribution
of people and their industries and systems of communication, as well as with the
distribution of plants and animals.
Physical geography, which may also be called geomorpho-logy, concentrates on the
origins and formation of the land-forms themselves, and often overlaps with aspects of geography,
especially with regard to the processes of erosion and weathering or glaciation, for
example. The study of soils was also once lumped together with geography but, nowadays, it is
generally as a separate discipline, called soil science. And human geography, of course, also
overlaps the social sciences. Today, geographers are heavily involved with the actual planning of
the cities, towns, villages, and countryside in which we all live and work.
87. The following statements are true, except...
a. Geographers are involved with the environment
b. Soil science is about separate discipline
c. Regional geography is about people's interaction
d. Greek's geography was to describe the surface of the earth
e. Physical geography is the same as geomorphology
Text for question 88 to 90.
The Sundew is an attractive little plant growing with leaves pressed close to the ground.
It can be found in the peat marsh areas of Britain. Though small and insignificant-looking, this
plant is the nightmare of every insect. This is because the Sundew has a carnivorous diet, feeling
mainly on unwary insect. Sticky hairs can be found all over the leaves, the hairs are covered with
droplets of liquid. These droplets shine like dew and give the plant its name - the Sundew.
An unwary insect attracted by the shining droplets on the plant lands on the hairs. It is trapped by
the sticky liquid. Sensing the trapped prey, the hairs of the plant bend over and enclose it. The
victim is then digested.
The Sundew is an example of the many different species of carnivorous plants found in
the world. However, the fears of huge man-eating plants as potrayed in the movies is to large
extent, groundless. Many of such species feed mainly on the small animals like insects. They
drive nutrition from carnivorous diet largery due to the fact that they receive inadequate food as
they thrive in dark marshy areas where there is poor soil and inadequate sunlight. Such
conditions are not ideal for food production.
Another example is the Bladderwort plant. This is rarely seen as it lives underwater in
lakes, ponds, and ditches. However, on closer examination, numerous small 'bladder' can be
seen. Each bladder is trap. The entranceto the bladder is a little trap door which spells death to an
uninvited visitor. When an animal like a water flea touches the bladder hairs, the trap door opens
and the victim is sucked in to its death. Once inside, the trap door shuts and the victim in slowly
digested and absorbed.
Yet another example is the Venus fly-trap found in the Carolinas in the United States. Its
leaves are hinged like the pages of a book. When an insect lands on one of these leaves, the trap
springs shut and encloses the prey. The prey is then digested by juices on the inside of the leaf
and absorbed. (A. E. N. 5. Denise De Silva & Coh Shao—Mei)
88. What does paragraph 1 tell us about?
a. The little plant namely Sundew
b. The Bladderwort plant
c. The Venus fly-trap
d. The Carolinas
e. The Britain
89. Why do plants adopt a carnivorous diet?
a. They will be digested slowly
b. They do not want to make food
c. They receive inadequate nutrition through food-making
d. There is no sunlight nor carbon dioxide at all to make food
e. The soil conditions make it possible for the plant to make food
90. What is the difference between the Venus fly-trap and the Bladderwort?
a. The Bladderwort has leaves and so does the Venus flytrap
b. The Bladderwort does not have leaves but the Venus fly-trap does not either
c. The Bladderwort does not trap its prey but the Venus fly-trap does
d. The Bladderwort kills its prey instantly but the Venus fly-trap does not
e. The Bladderwort sucks its victim into its bladder but the Venus fly-trap does not
76. Jawaban: b
Untuk melengkapi kalimat ini diperlukan kosakata yang tepat sehingga perlu diketahui dulu
makna kalimat dan makna kata dari tiap opsinya.
"Karena dia berlatih keras cukup lama, maka kakak saya menjadi... pemenang di dalam lomba
balap motor."
a. Pertalian, hubungan
b. Kandidat
c. Keadaan
d. Kebetulan
e. Lebih rendah
77. Jawaban: d
Kalimat-kalimat soal yang acak tersebut akan menjadi paragraf yang kohesif dengan untaian
sebagai berikut "One person has vegetables, but wants for the fruit. Another man has a great deal
of fruit, but wants vegetables. So the first man gives some of his vegetables to the second and
fruit to the first. He has exchanged the vegetables for the fruit. They are happy now. Trade has
made them happy."
Dalam penerangan kalimat-kalimat menjadi suatu paragraf yang padu, tempat kalimat dengan ide
umum di awal kemudian diikuti hal-hal yang khusus sebagai pikiran pendukung. Hindari
penempatan kata sambung, seperti 50 di awal paragraf.
78. Jawaban: b
Kalimat soal adalah "past continuous tense" dengan pola
"He/she/it + was + present participle."
A:Apakah kamu mendengar apa yang baru saja dia katakan?
B: Tidak, saya sedang memikirkan hal lain. Pembicara B mendengar orang lain berbicara sambil
memikirkan hal lain.
79. Jawaban: d
Manusia sering membuat ungkapan harapan, ketika mereka menginginkan realitas/kenyataan
yang berbeda, lebih tepatnya kebalikan dengan situasi yang sebenarnya terjadi. Dalam kalimat
soal kita harus membuat ungkapan harapan pada kondisi present/future. Ketika seorang
pembicara mengungkapkan sebuah harapan tentang situasi present, maka he/she menggunakan
bentuk kata kerja lampau. Were digunakan untuk seluruh subyek.
80. Jawaban: b
Kalimat pada soal fokus pada kalimat if conditional tipe 3 dengan pola: "if+S+had+V3, S+would
have+V3" karena yang dinyatakan adalah makna kalimat berdasarkan kenyataan dengan pola:
"fact if conditional tipe 3 dalam bentuk past tense".
81. Jawaban: e
Bila kita hubungkan kalimat soal dengan pilihan yang ada akan diperoleh pengertian "penelitian
penting melibatkan dua profesor dan 50 mahasiswa yang tersebar di 20 provinsi di Indonesia".
Karena kata kerja involve berkedudukan sebagai penjelas maka harus dinyatakan dengan kata
kerja ke-3 untuk pengertian pasif.
82. Jawaban: a
Dalam kalimat soal di atas, kita harus membuat kesimpulan logis menggunakan kata "must".
Pembicara di atas membuat sebuah tebakan yang logis berdasarkan informasi karena Tamara
telah kehilangan kedua orangtuanya. Maka dapat diambil praduga bahwa dia pasti sedang
mengalami masa-masa yang sulit.
83. Jawaban: b
Salah satu pemakaian gerund adalah sebuah kata depan. Dalam kalimat di atas terdapat kata
depan (by), maka kata depannya harus berbentuk gerund. Gerund adalah kata kerja berbentuk
-ing yang dipakai sebagai kata benda.
84. Jawaban: d
Beberapa kata kerja (contohnya want) selalu diikuti oleh infinitive. Sebuah infinitive adalah (to +
simple form of a verb); "to have" adalah infinitive. Dia adalah object dari kata kerja want.
85. Jawaban: d
Untukmelengkapi kalimat ini diperlukan kosakata yang tepat, sehingga perlu diketahui dulu
makna setiap katanya.
Solve: memecahkan
Make: membuat
Determine: menentukan
Influence: memengaruhi
Inhert: mewarisi
Dengan demikian, kata yang tepat untuk melengkapi kalimat "Banyak faktor...ekonomi suatu
negara" adalah kata memengaruhi (influence).
86. Jawaban: a
Kata yang dibutuhkan adalah salah satu faktor yang mempengaruhi kondisi ekonomi sebuah
negara. Pada kalimat kedua telah disebutkan beberapa faktor yang merupakan padanan kata pada
opsi pilihan ganda, karena itu tidak perlu dipilih lagi. Kata tersebut adalah population =
inhabitant/citizen, maka kata yang tepat untuk soal di atas adalah "geography".
87. Jawaban: c
Seperti yang diinformasikan pada baris ke-11, geografi regional mempelajari tentang basis
daerah, cara masyarakat lokal berinteraksi dengan daerah tempat mereka tinggal. Bukan
mempelajari interaksi manusia dengan manusia yang merupakan kajian bidang sosiologi.
88. Jawaban: a
Untuk mengetahui topik utama sebuah paragraf, bacalah kalimat pertama dan atau kalimat
terakhir. Perhatikan kalimat pertama soal, "The Sundew is an alternative little plant growing with
its leaves pressed close to the ground." Dan kalimat terakhir soal "These droplets shine like dew
and give the plant it's name-the Sundew".
89. Jawaban: c
Perhatikan kalimat baris ke-17 "The derive nutrition from a carnivorous diet largely due to the
fact that they receive in adequate food as they thrive in dark marshy areas where there is poor
soil and inadequate sunlight. Such conditions are not ideal for food production". Mereka
mendapat nutrisi dengan menjadi tumbuhan pemakan daging semata-mata karena
kenyataan/kondisi di mana mereka tidak mendapatkan makanan yang cukup di daerah rawa yang
gelap yang sedikit tanah dan tidak cukupnya sinar matahari. Kondisi seperti ini tidak ideal untuk
pembuatan makanan suatu tumbuhan.
90. Jawaban: e
Perhatikan kedua kalimat berikut ini. Baris ke-26: "When an animal like water flea touches the
bladder hairs, the trap door opens and the victim is sucked in to its death."
Baris ke 33: "When an insect lands on one of these leaves, the trap springs shut and encloses the
prey." Dari kedua kalimat di atas terlihat jelas perbedaannya, yaitu Bladderwort plant menjebak
mangsanya dengan bladder, sedangkan Venus fly-trap menjebak mangsanya dengan
menggunakan daun-daunnya (leaves).

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