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Employability Skills

Two of the main focus of the company is looking for and train employees better. For them the gap between the skills needed in the job skills possessed by the applicants is so important that often the problem. Although the companies prefer to get employees trained and ready to work, but on average they are willing to provide the necessary training to meet the necessary skills in the job
Discussion of the most often in the world working on the work force, edges often ended in a series of skills that are referred to as employability skills. What is the employability Skills? Employability skills are the basic skills needed to obtain, maintain and run with a good job.
Getting employees who have the skills ready to work to help them adapt to the world of work is a real problem faced by the company
The company requires that employees be able responsible, reliable, which can solve the problem but at the same time have social skills and attitudes that good cooperation. Creativity, is another matter that was avoided, but now valued by the company in order to create the work force and empowered to perform high-bias win market competition.
Employees with the skills that this is the kind sought and considered valuable assets for the company.
Employability skills described as the basic skills needed to obtain, maintain and run with a good job, is a skills, attitudes and behaviors that allow employees to collaborate with colleagues and Supervisor.
Employability skills is a general skills needed in all kinds of industry, size of organization, and all levels from beginner to work most senior position
Employability skills, can have many categories, but generally divided into three parts:
((a) Basic academic skills. Among the others: reading, writing, mathematics, oral communication
(b) Higher-order thinking skills. Among others: Skills study,, creative thinking, problem solving and decision making.
(c) Personal qualities. Among others: responsible, confident, flexible, honest, able to motivate themselves, mampau work in a team, discipline, have a good working attitude.
Academic skills, ideally required in jobs beginners and work performance higher. Employees beginners should have the ability and willingness to learn. They also need to have the ability to listen to and read the instructions and run the instructions. When asked for information, they should be able to provide the appropriate response, verbally or in writing, including considering and convey the information again. Includes the ability to read to understand what is read and written using various materials, including images, charts, tables. Employees also need a beginner the ability to complete basic math calculations are accurate.
Perhaps, the more important work to achieve success is to have higher-order thinking skills. The ability to think and make good decisions is important for employees to be working well. Of course, employees who can think critically, act logically and able to evaluate the situation to solve problems and make decisions, will be a valuable asset. If the employee is able to apply the skills this time using the technology, equipment and information systems, the value of employees in the eyes of the company to be much higher. The company generally will help employees who are considered more valuable to be developed, this makes the increasingly wide gap between those who have higher order thinking skills with which they have just basic academic skills
If the academic skills and higher order thinking skills so important, why the company has a great attention to the personal skills? For, in almost all the work, will be difficult for the employees can work effectively when the skills of personal classified low.
Employees beginners who have personal skills that will both appear confident, can act against honest people, capable of showing respect to both himself and colleagues and superiors. They will be able to see himself as part of the team, have a positive attitude and able to take the initiative to learn new things for the successful work done. They will also be able to set goals and set priorities Iron-clad work and personal lives. They will be able to show that good personal habits, work according to schedule entry, the right clothing, and changed if necessary
Failure to prepare themselves, with the skills ready to cooperate with the means to place obstacles which allows less ready to be employed.
Then how with myself? What if I do not have these skills?
It is important to remember is: employability skills are skills that can be learned. Also, skills, skills that are certainly not something that someone brought from the birth. So do not hesitate to either education courses, seminars, training, and lessons learned in class that provides supply in the skills of this.

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