Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Hobbies change

Experts say, small businesses have been started when this is an opportunity for those who want to follow the word heart. Rather than spend time on the job that you like, follow these five steps to change hobby into career goals.

1. Eksplore all likelihood
Consider what type of jobs that generate money from areas that interest you. You can do with the search on the internet or the other, and make a list of what areas of work in accordance with your interests and hobbies.

2. Ask the experts
You can find the relevant institutions or associations that are in your city, if necessary, join them. From the association or institution, you will get a lot of input and advice from someone who had earlier success. Involvement of associations or institutions also help in building a network that you need to start building the business.

3. Do market research small-scale
Ask the businessmen or those who understand the areas that interest you, ask what the area has a great opportunity or ideas according to their business. Very wise if you do the interview light on the prospective user services, or your business, so you can understand their needs.

4. Make a simple business plan
Look for books that explain how to build a small business gradually, look that is consistent with the field that you want to wake up. Learn the rules applicable law and other rules related to your career.

5. Do not delay
Once you make a decision like that will wake you as a career, immediately wujudkan! Maybe you can not do it all at once, but start preparing for menyicil and what you need from now. Do not delay, because opportunities do not necessarily come twice. Congratulations try!

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